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code for vish


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Copy Chart from Excel to Powerpoint PPT

‘Copy Charts from Excel to Powerpoint


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Insert Chart in Excel using VBA

Insert Chart into Excel using VBA and Add Source Data to it, There Position height and Width.


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Convert String to Number or Number to String


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Connection Excel to Excel

This is example of connection from Excel to Excel Where Excel File will be considered as Database and There Sheets will be considered as Table, Where you can put SQL Command and work. There are 2 Example Given

Reference : Click Here


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All Subfolders and File from Folder

Pick all file from folder  and get extension if needed and list out all folder from main folders.


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Excel to Access using VBA

This Piece of Code will help for Data Entry from Excel  to Access and Update  and Fetch data from  Access



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Excel Macro Classes (VBA Macros)

Below Topics are covered in VBA Training

Basic Macros

  • VBA Editor-Info
  • MsgBox
  • Adding Workbook
  • Adding Sheet
  • Range…etc.

Introduction to Excel and Macros

  • Excel and Visual Basic Editor
  • Cell, Column, Row, Worksheet and Workbook.
  • Basic formula SUM, Max and Min, If & Else, Vlookup, Sum, Mid, Is error Etc.
  • Combining multiple Formulas in one
  • Recording and running macro
  • Storing macro in different books
  • Creating buttons and assigning macro on it
  • Sorting and filtering data
  • Creating custom menus and toolbars
  • Assignment
  • Identify where we can record macros
  • Find VBA codes using record macros

Introduction to VBE (Visual Basic Editor)

  • Introduction and Understanding the VBE
  • Edit Macro Using VBE
  • How to start write code
  • Create Conditions (If…. Elseif …… Else or Select Case)
  • Loop constructs (For….. Next, Do….. Loop, While… Wend)
  • Logical Operators ( + – x ÷)
  • Working with Cell, Column, Row, Range, Worksheet and Workbook.
  • Copying and pasting
  • Assignment

Introduction to User forms and its Toolbox

  • Variables, data types and constants
  • Creating Data Entry forms and other Use of User forms.
  • Working with VBA Toolbox and forms
  • Creating Add-ins
  • Assignment

Excel Re-Engineering

  • Creating functions
  • Error Handling
  • Call Macros
  • Pivot Table
  • Assignment

Excel Live Project

  • The project will be decide on day one, and from that day only we will start our learning and implementation in projects
  • 100% Live project is only applicable for the candidate who is appearing for Complete Excel Advance Automation with VBA Macros