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Excel Macro Classes (VBA Macros)

Below Topics are covered in VBA Training

Basic Macros

  • VBA Editor-Info
  • MsgBox
  • Adding Workbook
  • Adding Sheet
  • Range…etc.

Introduction to Excel and Macros

  • Excel and Visual Basic Editor
  • Cell, Column, Row, Worksheet and Workbook.
  • Basic formula SUM, Max and Min, If & Else, Vlookup, Sum, Mid, Is error Etc.
  • Combining multiple Formulas in one
  • Recording and running macro
  • Storing macro in different books
  • Creating buttons and assigning macro on it
  • Sorting and filtering data
  • Creating custom menus and toolbars
  • Assignment
  • Identify where we can record macros
  • Find VBA codes using record macros

Introduction to VBE (Visual Basic Editor)

  • Introduction and Understanding the VBE
  • Edit Macro Using VBE
  • How to start write code
  • Create Conditions (If…. Elseif …… Else or Select Case)
  • Loop constructs (For….. Next, Do….. Loop, While… Wend)
  • Logical Operators ( + – x ÷)
  • Working with Cell, Column, Row, Range, Worksheet and Workbook.
  • Copying and pasting
  • Assignment

Introduction to User forms and its Toolbox

  • Variables, data types and constants
  • Creating Data Entry forms and other Use of User forms.
  • Working with VBA Toolbox and forms
  • Creating Add-ins
  • Assignment

Excel Re-Engineering

  • Creating functions
  • Error Handling
  • Call Macros
  • Pivot Table
  • Assignment

Excel Live Project

  • The project will be decide on day one, and from that day only we will start our learning and implementation in projects
  • 100% Live project is only applicable for the candidate who is appearing for Complete Excel Advance Automation with VBA Macros