All In One

What is All In One Tool?

Excel All In One is a tool an excel plugin that helps users to work efficiently in their daily life using excel. It is developed using Excel Macros (VBA). This tool provides various functions and features to the users to make the daily activity very efficient and save production time.

Is it require installation?

No this does not require any installation. No Admin Access require to use. This is just an Excel file with a different file format.

What are the features available in the All In One Tool.

Following are the features which can be used it is getting upgraded every day, Please go through our tutorial videos.

Macro CodeActivity Description
100List of All Macro Detail
101Unhide all sheets from activeworkbook
102List of all Sheets
103List of all Sheets with home page link
104Save each sheets as separate excel file
105Remove all numbers from selection
106Remove all Non Numeric Values from selection
107Remove Blank Cell from right side
108Insert Comment as per Value
109Remove All Tab (Sheet) color
110Protect All Sheets With Password
111UnProtect All Sheets With Password
112Consolidate Data
113Export Data and files
115Get File List From Single Folder
116Get File List From Folder and SubFolder
117Get Folder Info Single Folder
118Get Folder & SubFolder Info 
119Send Custom Emails (Multitype Emails)
120Smart Comparison tool 
121Code Combination
Version FileChanges Description
Version_1.053Fix: Admin sheet keep the display
Fix: Comparison of data Improved, earlier comparing all 1048576 rows

How to use this tool? Please refer to the below video.