Course Content

Excel Automation with VBA

Visual Basic Application

BAsic Macros
VBA Editor-Info
Adding Workbook
Adding Sheet
Introduction to Excel and Macros
Excel and Visual Basic Editor
Cell, Column, Row, Worksheet and Workbook.
Basic formula SUM, Max and Min, If & Else, Vlookup, Sum, Mid, Is error Etc.
Combining multiple Formulas in one
Recording and running macro
Storing macro in different books
Creating buttons and assigning macro on it
Sorting and filtering data
Creating custom menus and toolbars
Identify where we can record macros
Find VBA codes using record macros
Introduction and Understanding the VBE
Edit Macro Using VBE
How to start write code
Create Conditions (If…. Elseif …… Else or Select Case)
Loop constructs (For….. Next, Do….. Loop, While… Wend)
Logical Operators ( + – x ÷)
Working with Cell, Column, Row, Range, Worksheet and Workbook.
Copying and pasting
Introduction to User forms and its Toolbox
Variables, data types and constants
Creating Data Entry forms and other Use of User forms.
Working with VBA Toolbox and forms
Creating Add-ins
Excel Re-Engineering
Creating functions
Error Handling
Call Macros

Excel Live Project

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