BPO Excel Time Tracker.


  • Auto-Lock System Control (Optional): If the system is idle for n number of Minutes Computer/Laptop will force to lock the workstation. this control will remain with the Application Administrator and Above Role
  • Late Login Reason: When users will late login they need to provide justification to login into this app.
  • Restricted Login: No other user can log in on behalf of any user
  • Option to provide Each Activity category (Optional) Admin Control
  • Easy Live Report: Live Report and Get Daily Weekly and Monthly reports for individuals.
  • Team Report: Generate Auto report Production and Non-Production and Utilization Report
  • Report by Activity: Get Generate Report Each Task
  • Data Consolidation: Consolidate All Data from all users in one File for reporting
  • Data Backup: The user can select the option to get create backup data.
  • Auto Delete Data from the main file after n No# of Days

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1.005109Remove All Tab (Sheet) color
1.005108Insert Comment as per ValueClick Here
1.005104Export/Save each sheet as a separate excel file (Use Macro 113)
1.005103Extract List of all Sheets with home page linkClick Here
Many more coming soon….
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